200 Club



Become a member for free admission to the event and also enter in the draw for a chance to win a cash prize ont he night. To Join and be  in with a chance of winning it only cost £15.00 for a year or £7.50 for a half year, plus you also get free entry into our twice annual social event.

Each week we have a draw to win £5.00.

At our social events we have a draw for 10 x £10.00 and a top prize of £250.00 Cash. We also have a hotpot supper, a game of bingo, a quiz and a raffle!

Non members are welcome to attend the social event, however admission in £4.00 and pre-booking  is advised.

For further information please contact our booking secretary Pam Pearson

Our next event is Friday the 5th of November.

TEL – 0161 723 3586
We look forward to seeing you there.