over the recent years we have carried out a lot of unseen improments below lists just a small selection.

1/7/2021 – Ballroom roof is currently being repaired this consists of an external strip and refit to todays current building regulations the works has taken a bit longer then planned and the cost of this project is in excess of £46,000 plus VAT none of this work being carried out will be seen by the general public.

Aug 2020 – the ballroom floor was striped of it old floor covering sanded and resealed 70kgs of dust had been removed from the floor then the hall cleaned from the celing to the floor bu masonic volenteers in all over 250 hours were spent on this project while the hall wasn’t in use.

march 2020 – the new extension was completed just awaiting the council yo pass the building control certificate (unfortunately due to covid this took a bit longer than planned) this gave the hall 2 purpose built room which are now available for hire the Melrose room and the committee room.

Dec 2019 – 96% of the light has been converted to low energy light bulbs in a bid to cut down on energy this also incorporated some lighting that is operated when someone is passing a sensor in public areas which has now stopped the need for someone to turn off light when not in use.

some of the other projects carried out.

  • gents urinals converted to a waterless system meaning a more eco system installed.
  • fire alarm system updated to comply with current fire certification and fire doors.
  • Bar pump system updated for a faster and cooler pint on delivery.
  • New phone system installed making booking and contact of key personnel easier.
  • computerised stock and till system installed.
  • some areas of the building have been repainted some are awaiting a full redesign.