Swinton Masonic Hall, Hospital Road, Pendlebury M27 4EY [email protected]



The charity was incorporated in August 1993 and through its subsidiary, Swinton Masonic Club Limited, it operates the facilities within the Swinton Masonic Hall, with the aim of making an operating profit.

Masonic Charities are adequately serviced by the masonic lodges that meet in the building, but it was felt by the members that additional support could be given to local non masonic registered charities.

Donations: Swinton Masonic Club make donations from operating profits and the Trustees meet annually to make disbursements. Since its inception the Trust has made donations in excess of a quarter of a million pounds.

Facilities: registered charities can hire the facilities at the Hall to organise their own fund-raising events. Fifty percent of the hire charges involved will be returned to the charity concerned as a donation from the Trust.

The Trustees of the SCT offer their services entirely without renumeration and other than statutory filing fees there are no administrative costs deducted or expenses paid.

Donations Made 15th June 2021

St. Ann’s Hospice                                    £1,000

Air Ambulance                                         £1,000

Bolton Mountain Rescue                            £500

Urban Outreach                                           £500

The Christie                                                  £500

Francis House                                              £500

Broughton House                                        £500

Mustard Tree                                               £500

Guide Dogs for the Blind                            £500

The Salvation Army                                     £500

Myasthenia Gravis                                       £500


                                                        Total   £6,500

For further information email with The Secretary – [email protected]